Why Fake Watches Are For Losers

Who do you respect more? Someone with a Seiko 5 or someone with a fake Rolex? Perhaps a silly question, but think about it. Many will probably respect the person with the Rolex more, until they found out that its a fake. I am convinced that for many people who buy fake watches, this is exactly the reason why they do it. To gain respect based on something that is not real, and that is the hallmark of a loser.

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie has been battling fake watches for years
The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie has been battling fake watches for years

Why? Well, first of all when people need to respect you based on the watch you wear, you must have a horrible personality! People that wear fake watches, say that they don’t wear them for this reason. The funny thing is that the vast majority of the fake watches are the very recognizable models, the type of watches even people who don’t know nothing about watches at all recognize. They also say that the prices of whatever fake watch they are wearing are a total rip-off, and just because you think that, it gives you the right to buy a rip-off?

The watch industry is not the only one that has to cope with fake goods
The watch industry is not the only one that has to cope with fake goods

There is also another side to this story that many don’t think about. With a fake watch you are not only taking someone’s intellectual property (Why would you care? The Swiss brands made enough money off it already, right?) but you might also be at the end of the pipeline of a whole string of different crimes. When you buy an original watch, you have more or less a guarantee that with the production of that watch, all laws have been obeyed. If not, the brand will face a charges of some sort, not to mention the public backlash.

The producers of fake watches often do not have to obey any laws and their production methods are completely opaque. Child labor? Quite possible. Safe work environment for their workers? Very unlikely. Waste disposal and environmental protection? They probably don’t see that as a problem for their generation. Indeed, there is much more too a fake watch, than it just being fake.

The only right way to deal with fake watches...
The only right way to deal with fake watches…

The question also remains why? There are so many great watches around, that cost very little money. The Seiko 5 is an excellent example. A watch that will set you back US$100,- , is mechanical, will last your lifetime as well as those after you, and is an accepted and always correct choice. In fact, you can wear it while visiting Baselworld, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many people will actually tell you what a great watch it is, and that they have one of them as well. And you might actually even hear this from people who could have bought 100 Seiko 5’s from what is on their wrist.

When a Seiko 5 is not your thing, you can always go to Swatch, Hamilton, Tissot, Citizen, and the list goes on and on. You want to have something more exclusive (as in less made) check out Kickstarter. Here you can find some very nice watches, by brands like DONE or CJR, made by people who have poured their heart and soul in the project. Many of these watches are real conversation pieces, and almost none of them will break the bank. Still not your thing? There is a world of pre-owned and vintage watches out there. You might actually even find a real Omega or TAG-Heuer that fits your budget…..yet people who buy fake watches forego all these options for a chance to show off what a loser they are.




11 thoughts on “Why Fake Watches Are For Losers

  • Will Baskeyfield

    Good points but you for affordability and character you miss the Russian industry, yes Vostok. Mechanical and in the case of the Amphibia automatic too.

    • Martin Green

      True, Will! There are so many great, affordable watches out there with even very interesting history behind them that fakes are truly for losers only!

  • very well said ! I’d take my GShock or Seiko any time over a fake whatever.
    I once saw a guy flashing a nice looking  » ROLIX » sub. Did make me laugh at the stupidity of some people.

  • First Sergeant

    I think to judge anyone’s character by the watch they wear is sort of asinine, and is probably rooted in a have and have not mentality. Because someone likes the way a watch looks, but doesn’t want to spend a large sum on the « real » thing seems relatively smart, yet here we are calling them stupid. I wear a G-shock or a Seiko 007 on most days. But, I love the submariner. I have the means for a Rolex, but just don’t want to spend that much money on a watch. So I think the good quality submariner homages are a wise choice.
    I agree that I wouldn’t waste money on a cheap fake, but that’s me. Its a quality issue, not a character issue. But, you know what they say about opinions…mine included.

  • Mike

    I always have a question in debate. If you are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and many others standing at the top of Pyramid, will a gen or fake watch change your reputation and achievements? I assume you already know the answer so my conclusion is nothing will change who you are. When you pointed fake watches are for losers, this is a totally biased BS. Have you ever read that book – written by Guy de Maupassant? He has told a truth about the upper lever society which is full of fakes but the bottom folks would still admire from their lower angle. The thing is, you can make your own rules when you are that high as well as you can do whatever you like and yet do not need to give a damn about what others think. As matter of fact, you were not born to please people. Another example I can make is that let us assume a man could have been serving the society until his death but what if he appreciated a real Rolex but understood he has to save the money for other more important things like donating to help others from starving and so on so he bought a good replica just to enjoy. Would you still call him a loser?

  • Bob

    I wear watches that i like, not other people like.
    If the watch i like cost too much for my pocket then i buy a fake (i know that it’s illegal but i don’t want a seiko 5 and i think fake watches are not harmful for swiss luxury manufacturers).
    If rich people are irritated because they have to share the top of the social-status-symbol pyramid well… Who is the fake person now?

  • Jack

    I think many of these « fake watches, fake people » sites are either benefiting from Swiss companies or are actually dense and believe this shit. There’s a reason why I exclusively buy fake high end watches. Not all fake watch dealers are blatantly obvious, and base level watches lack the quality of even fake watches.

    I just brought a self-winding Rolex clone that doesn’t weed a battery. Every watch at Walmart has batteries that eventually run out, and are made with the worst materials. That’s not the quality that I can get from Hont, or any other RepTime trusted dealers.

    I’ll admit that I am broke as fuck. Nobody is gonna believe that a guy from the Midwest is ever going to own a legit Rolex, and I know that. My friends and family know that too. I just like the luxury look and honest to God quality that I can get for sale at about $130.

    But in the end, it’s all up to what the buyer personally wants to do, regardless of if it’s illegal or not to buy a fake watch. They can’t catch us all. It’s not illegal to want a part in luxury, no matter if it’s real or not.

    Articles like these are laughable, and are not going to change minds. It’s just something for luxury grade people to circlejerk around.

  • Nick

    To me, it might be true that no one knows you’re wearing a fake watch, but you just can’t deceive yourself. Initially, I purchased a fake Rolex, but eventually, I acquired genuine ones, and I’m immensely proud of it. There’s a distinct feeling that comes with wearing something authentic

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