YES Equilibrium: Delightfully Different

YES is a brand that has been around for nearly two decades, and that has served a loyal group of enthusiasts. Quite honestly it is very hard to describe a YES watch, but perhaps the best description would that if the ancient Egyptians or Maya’s were alive today, they would wear a YES watch. Now they are launching a new collection called Equilibrium, and it is unlike any other watch out there.

The Equilibrium is powered by a little bit of Ronda (the base quartz movement) and a lot of YES themselves. Don’t let the single hand fool you; this watch is, in fact, part digital and part analog, and extremely precise. In fact, it is the only watch that is specially designed to tell you mind-blowing stuff like times for sunrise, zenith, sunset and true midnight, it has sunrise and sunset alarms with 0-60 minute adjustable pre-alarm time, it displays the times for twilight in three flavors: civil, nautical and astronomical, it features equinox, solstice and cross-quarter day alerts. And all this is only the beginning!

You don’t even have to be an astronomer to appreciate all that, because, with various alarm options and 600 cities pre-programmed into the watch, it is a travelers dream! Of course also because you will never miss a sunrise, sunset or full moon again! All this technology is packed in a 48mm titanium case, with 100 meters water resistance, and comes with an optional titanium bracelet.

What we like so much about the YES Equilibrium is that you can feel the passion. Although it looks completely different, that passion is indeed quite similar to Richard Paige‘s passion. You are so fascinated about a particular part of watchmaking that you move heaven and earth to make it happen. Given that the starting price for the Equilibrium is US$495,- and for that money do you get the most complicated astronomical watch, a perfect travel companion and most of all a unique piece of watchmaking!

We could not include by far all the information and functions about the YES Equilibrium in this article, so we encourage you to check it out on Indiegogo


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