We live in a « Dog eat watch » world?!

We are used to live in a dog-eat-dog world, but a dog eat watch? Meet Mocha, a dog with an appitite because a few months ago she ate three wristwatches, stap and all. Shocked owners took her immidiately to the vetrenarian, where they made X-ray’s from here stomach, revealing the remains of the watches. She was actually able to chew the watches into tiny little pieces. At the animal hospital an lengthy and extensive endoscopic procedure had to be preformed to get all the tiny bits and pieces out of Mocha. Fortunately she made a full recovery.

11355737_1609173152676713_685273233_nWhen Timex heard about the story they where very happy that Mocha made a full recovery, but being a watch company, they felt sorry for the watches that didn’t made it. So to celebrate #NationalDogDay they suprised the owners with some brand new Timex to enjoy. They also provided a nice watch case with it to makes sure that the only thing Moncha will chew on in the future are dental sticks!



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