VEJRHØJ Nautic; Battle of Elements

Crafting watches from wood is not as easy as it seems. Being a natural product it can be tough to get a uniform and perfect fit, which is so important when crafting watches. VEJRHØJ has specialized in wooden watches and their latest version is the Nautic.

Janus Aarup (left) with Bo Bonfils

The Nautic is unlike any other wooden watch, because it is a symbiosis between wood and metal. At the same time it also brings together timeless Nordic design with a maritime touch. This is all thanks to the collaboration of VEJRHØJ-founder Janus Aarup with design-legend Bo Bonfils, who is especially known for his Georg Jensen designs. Unique about the VEJRHØJ Nautic is that it lets all elements shine; not only the metal but also the wood.

NAUTIC 62° NORTH made from Zebra wood
NAUTIC 62° NORTH made from Zebra wood

A clever steel case back features an engraving that gives it some friction on the skin, making the watch always positioned right. It also offers a robust platform for the Ronda quartz movement to be housed in. The VEJRHØJ Nautic does not feature a seconds hand, to keep it as pure as possible.

NAUTIC 58° NORTH crafted from walnut (dial) and ebony wood (case)

A large variety of different woods have been utilized to create a collection of watches that all have their own identity. It almost feels like ordering a Bentley or Rolls-Royce and have to choose out of all sorts of exotic woods to feature on the inside of your car. Walnut and Ebony might seem obvious choices, but the expressive Zebra wood, or the bright maple wood aren’t.

VEJRHØJ 2VEJRHØJ combines these woods with stainless steel, gun-metal stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel. These colors complement the wood and make the whole a rich and vibrant watch to look at. Thanks to the thought through design the VEJRHØJ Nautic also has a timeless look, one that seems to be always current, no matter how many decades seem to pass. So it seems that when you are able to place the different elements with respect to one another you create timeless greatness, and such a watch can battle the elements on your wrist as a lifetime companion.

You can secure your VEJRHØJ Nautic here on Kickstarter for 180 euro’s.

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