Unit 7: A Solid Diver

What happens when you put a group of watch industry professionals together to create a dive watch? You get a real solid product like the diver Unit 7 has created. In fact, they were probably so busy with all the technical and cosmetic specs that they even apparently forgot to give the actual watch a name. And that is okay because that seems to be the only flaw of this diver.


With a diameter of 45.5mm, it is a substantial watch, but the designers of Unit 7 went for a more cushion shaped case which keeps the watch wearable, even when you have a smaller wrist. It also gives them the real estate to underscore some of the details on the watch, such as the lugs or the polished edge on the side of the otherwise matte case. It gives the watch a very powerful look.


It also leaves plenty of room for a nice thick bezel, which is easy to read and easy to turn. This is also one of the details that show that this Unit 7 Diver is a very serious watch. It looks good, but it also means business. It features a helium escape valve, thick diving bezel and is water resistant to 500 meters. That is quite a substantial depth and means that all the seals need to be substantial and strong. Not only is the solid case back screwed in, but so is, of course, the crown. The crystal is sapphire and coated on the inside with an anti-reflective coating, taking away some of the glare. Super-LumiNova C3 provides enough glowing power, even for the darkest of surroundings.


Unit 7 gave their diver a slightly vintage look by fitting it on a superb vented rubber strap. Of all the rubber straps they put on diver’s this is among my favorite. It not only looks cool, and always reminds me a bit of the gill of a large fish, but is also the most practical since water clears quickly from the strap when you get out of the water and allows for the skin underneath it to dry as well.


The use of color also gives the watch a slight vintage touch. Maybe not for the all black version or the rose gold plated one, but the orange one for sure. Just as my personal favorite, the Aqua Blue one, are the chapter ring (which is quite deep) and the tip of the seconds hand the same color. A very nice detail, also because Unit 7 withstood the temptation of putting very thick hands on their dial. That would have been overkill, and these seem to be just right and give the watch some added character as well.


The Unit 7 is powered by the automatic Miyota caliber 8215, which they fitted with the right color date wheel, something most brands don’t even bother with. The diver also comes with a travel case and right now you should still be able to pick up an early bird for about US$299,- which seems to be a fair price for such a well made and competent diver.

More information about the Unit 7 can be found on Kickstarter


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