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Just a few words are needed to describe the timepieces created by Todd & Marlon : Entrepreneurial Heart, Italian Design and Swiss Precision.

And here’s your last chance to get one of the watches created by Todd & Marlon. Indeed, the Kickstarter campaign is already successful, and will end on May 7th…Well after that the watches will be also available on their website and at some exclusive retail partners.

Todd & Marlon is a watch brand established in New York in 2015.
At the beginning of that year two Italian/Swiss gentlemen questioned the belief that luxury should be inherited or gained over time. They then decided to develop luxury products for young people and that is how Todd & Marlon was born.

Todd & Marlon leverages old craftsmanship to create modern pieces of art; being Italians they appreciate beauty and have an intimate sense of style and their Swiss heritage injects precision and attention to details to their work. The products they develop are custom made to suit the needs of the people who create their own future – entrepreneurs!

As you have understood, the company ultimate mission is to accompany people with an entrepreneurial spirit in their daily journey to make it easier and more enjoyable. The first collection of affordable luxury watches includes 24-hour watches with quartz movement and 12-hour watches with automatic movement.

Todd & Marlon

The two collections are available in four colors combinations: all black, black and deep blue, black and fiery red and rose pink. Each of them has his own name and specific character.

– COSMO is the all black variant – it is classic and mysterious and it is meant for the achiever, the unstoppable!
– LAVA, the black and red combination, is fiery and intense for the sport lover and the most passionate.
– ABISSO uniquely combine black and blue and is meant for the deep person and water addict.
– ROSE leverages a contrasting black and rose color and is the most delicate yet bold – it is meant for the most sensitive and sophisticated person.

Award wining – Yes they are.

The Todd & Marlon have been awarded the Silver A’ Design Award in the category of Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design by the grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs.

The A’ Design Awards are the world’s most influential and largest design awards, presented each year in Italy. This award gives recognition to the excellence of design on the international stage.

Now let’s have a closer look to their timepieces.
Their first timepiece, the 24-hour is quite interesting. Indeed, this one shows shows two times of 12 hours. The natural day/night division is the reason why each day is split into two times 12-hours cycle. Note that, the Egyptian used to have a 12 hour sundial for the day and 12 hour water clock for night time.

Todd & Marlon

Since then many different types of watches have been developed: some with 2 x 12 hour dial (i.e. double-XII system) others with 24 hour dial. However, the dial that became the norm has only 12 hour marks and its cycle is repeated twice during the day. Entrepreneurs want to seize the day no matter what and a 24-hours dial allows them having the entire day at a glance hence helps better planning and organizing events – perfect for a busy person or someone who wants to live life to the fullest!

This is the reason why this Todd & Marlon is a 24-hour watch. The dial shows the anti-meridian (am) hours on the left hand side and the post-meridian (pm) hours on the right hand side. The zenith for the sun is reached at 12:00 and is at the top of the dial as indicated by the applied silver sun icon. Todd & Marlon watches are based on the Double-XII system and all hours are clearly indicated. This is also why they named it the #YOURTIME, since you can cease the day at your own terms.

Thanks to this design Todd & Marlon have combined the best of two worlds. #YOURTIME watches offer all the benefits of a 24-hour watch and at the same time they still have a close reference to the way people talk about timing while clearly indicating the time. Most people still refer to time on a 12 hour scale making reference to a.m. vs p.m. or morning vs evening. In other words #YOURTIME watches talk the language of the bulk of people while offering them the benefit of a 24 hour watch.

On the second collection, the 12-hour Automatic, the dial is built on two levels with circular brushing – silver half-hour marks are applied and numbers are double printed.
This one is more classical, but we must admit that the overall design is still great.


On the two collections, the 38mm pieces are made of stainless steel (316L grade) with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating treatment for achieving a super resistant black matte finish. They showcase the most resistant crystal made of Sapphire and just to make sure every moment is viable the watch is also resistant to water (10atm/100m).

On the 24-hour model, Todd & Marlon have selected a Swiss Made movement because of the quality and Quartz for its reliability and accuracy. The 12-hour model has a Swiss Made Automatic (self-winding) movement with 26 jewels and date function on top of hours, minutes and seconds.
Sophisticated with an elegant silhouette yet it is boldly shaped to resist extreme activities.

Todd & Marlon

Next to creating watches, Todd & Marlon also work together with Spark MicroGrants  a non-profit organization focused on enabling community-driven entrepreneurial projects, announced a collaboration aimed at helping entrepreneurs where they need the most.

With this social action, Todd & Marlon will contribute to the development of the rural communities and activate a series of community-driven entrepreneurial projects via donating to Spark MicroGrants a percentage of the profit generated by the sales of the first collection.
It seems that Spark MicroGrants is the perfect partner to bring to life Todd & Marlon mission : Help Entrepreneurs.

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