It’s Time For A Time Tote

A tote bag: we man probably only know the ones the women in out lives use. The same tote’s we tend to borrow when we are going to a watch get-together, visit your watchmaker or want to swap out some of your collection at the bank. But although you are instantly recognized as a true fashionista, there must be a better, and safer way to transport your prized possessions. There is, and its called Time Tote.

See Time Tote as the humvee of watch cases, add a generous dose of the Expendables and you are right on the money! It is the brainchild of Michael Sanders, who wanted his watches to be safe when the apocalypse starts. Of course I am kidding here, but when you see the results of his labor, its probably not far off.

Time tote 1

The Time Tote combines an incredible strength with a very light weight. This is accomplished by crafting an outer case from an injection molded resin. Thanks to a secure locking system, it shuts so tight that it is actually waterproof. Most manufacturers would next cut an interior of foam and call it a day. Not Michael. He used a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam that is cut with excruciating precision by high power water jets. Why? Because the foam is not only non-abrasive, high impact, tear and compression resistant, it also locks the watches into place, and increases the strength of case as a whole. Sanders claims that his Time Tote can hold a 200 lb. man standing on top of it, I think that you can drive your Jeep Wrangler over it as well without have to worry about your watches.

Time Tote 2

What is nice about the inside of the Time Tote is that it can hold oversized watches with the same ease as smaller watches. This makes it quite easy to hold an entire collection, or even your wife’s watches. Special compartments in the foam on the side of the case hold a screwdriver as well as spring bar tool, so you can even change straps on the go.

Time Tote 4

The prices for the Time Tote start at US$ 269,- for the one holding six watches, while the largest one will set you back US$ 699,- but that offers room to 24 watches. A lot of money? It is indeed, but with even relatively simple watch rolls in canvas easily selling for over US$ 100,- it’s not that much more money for a lot more protection. And you must admit, its a very comforting feeling that your watches are stores apocalypse proof!

More info can be found on the Time Tote website.






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