New Vintage Design by Björn Hendal with Early Bird special

Inspired by watches from the 1940’s, Björn Hendal’s watches have that timeless look, that seems to suit any occasion at all times. They refer to this themselves as « New Vintage Design », inspired by the classics, with a dash of Swedish design to make it a bit more contemporary. But it is not only its design that makes Björn Hendal special.

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It seems that there really is a revolution going on when it comes to affordable watches. Kickstarter brands turn out watches that can easily compete with the watches from the well-known name brands, and also Björn Hendal is up for that challenge. Not a surprise when you know that the brand behind Björn Hendal, is Blancier! As a specialist in making high quality watches in low numbers they now used that care and attention as basis for the more affordable Björn Hendal. How affordable? A « Varberg » chronograph will set you back 349 euro’s, and when you order this September with the early bird code mentioned below, they even take another 50 euro’s off.

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Of course the design of the Björn Hendal chronograph is pleasing, but it is especially the case and the crystal where the knowledge of Blancier clearly plays an important role. The crystal has a beautiful vintage looking dome. But as great as this looks, it also often distort the view on the dial. Björn Hendal solved this by applying an anti-reflective coating on the crystal.

The case is quite large with a diameter of 44mm, but kept very slim with a height of only 5mm. Also the amazing looking lugs add wearing comfort to the watch. The overall design of the case, and the care and attention to detail, really set it apart from more fashionable competitors, and also give you the feeling that you have a quite substantial watch around your wrist, not only in size, but also in terms of quality.

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Björn Hendal « Varberg » Chronograph on handmade bony crocodile strap

The versatility of the watch is amplified by the different strap options that Björn Hendal offers; A Nato-strap for a more preppy look (Björn Hendal took the effort to also gold plate the metal hard ware on the Nato-strap), while a lizard grained leather strap gives it a more classical look. The link with the parent company Blancier is shown by the hand-made bony crocodile straps. That adds 230 euros to the price of the watch. A large amount given the original price of the watch itself, but for a bony crocodile strap 230 euro’s is not even that expensive, and quite honesty, wearing such a high-end straps allows the qualities of the watch itself to shine more as well.

BH 4Currently the Björn Hendal « Varberg » chronograph is only available with a yellow gold-plated case, with either an eggshell white, or black dial. In October this model is joined by a steel model with an eggshell white dial, and a white gold-plated and rose gold-plated version with a gun-metal grey colored dial. We cannot wait to see them!

When you use the code « Earlybird » in the webshop, Björn Hendal offers you 50 euro’s off your order (only valid in September 2015)

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