Swatch goes into Tech-mode

32 years after the launch of the very first Swatch, the brand is still an innovative force not to reckon with. Their latest addition is called « Tech-mode » and is highly influenced by hard core industrial design. However the result is quite subtle, and the more extrovert Swatches in the new collection are that only due to their use of color.

Many of the « Tech-mode » Swatches feature textures that really play with the light, making the watches even more interesting to look at. The new collection features a very complete range of options; a time-only quartz, a day-date quartz, a quartz chronograph and even an automatic. Prices are, as is another of Swatch trademarks, modest. The time only quartz models start at 65 euro’s, and the most expensive is the automatic one that goes for 165 euro, the same price as the quartz chronograph on a metal bracelet. All models from the new « Tech-mode » collection are now available. Check the Swatch-website for additional info.

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