Stowa embraces the Apple watch

There are watch brands that fight the smart watch, others mock it, while some even ignore it all together. Stowa decided to embrace it, and introduces a fully interactive app for the Apple watch. The small, German brand has always had an innovative approach, from design, to complications, as well as presenting and positioning itself in the world of watches.

With the new app on the Apple watch, it brings an interactive and highly entertaining brochure to your wrist. It is a combination of fun facts, the companies extensive history and a catalog all in one. Of course this can very well the best place for a watch catalog to be; on the wrist!

The app also has the ability to show different watch faces on your Apple watch, so you can already get an idea how a Stowa would look. By doing so Stowa also clearly indicates that it believes that smart watches like the Apple watch, and traditional mechanical watches like Stowa has been creating for decades, can co-exist. With this clever move Stowa blends the two worlds, making its brand at home in the world of smart watches, and at the same time offer owners of the Apple watch a taste of the mechanical watchmaking world, and perhaps opening its world to soon to be watch connoisseurs who get to know the brand through their smart watch.

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