Sneak preview of amazing photoshoot for Watchisthis?!-magazine

Here at Watchisthis?! we are ramping up for our premiere edition of Watchisthis?!-magazine! In the desert heat of Las Vegas, Nevada, we found the beautiful and talented « Mermaid in Heels« , Cielo Fronteras. We put around her wrist the brand new Trifoglio Italia, the latest design by watch designer Alessandro Baldieri and let the magic happen!

Of course we can only provide you with a sneak preview here. Early november you will be able to see it all in the premiere edition of Watchisthis?!-magazine! Make sure you subscribe HERE so you will be the first to read our amazing high-end magazine about affordable watches, with Cielo, Trifoglio Italia and much, much more!Mermaid in heels 2


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