Riskers is coming

Riskers is a new watch brand that will be launched quite soon. The name seems to be well found… Riskers for « Taking Risk ». Indeed, this new brand has been created by ten former Richemont Group executives, who have worked for prestigious firms such as Cartier, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin and Baume & Mercier. Now they have decided to join forces to create a new independent watch brand together.

Well, you will ask yourself « why Watchisthis talks about them ? They come from luxury brands so they will launch a luxury brand »…And there you’re right ! They will launch a luxury brand but at an affordable price!!

After a first talk with Pierre Guerrier (former Richemont marketing services, Piaget) and co-founder of the brand, I heard that they will have both automatic and quartz pieces priced under 2500€.

That sounds interesting… How former Richemont guys will come with affordable luxury watches ?

We will have the answer quite soon with the presentation of their first design. To be honest with you, I can’t wait to see the result.

But what about Riskers ?

Riskers is above all a human adventure, driven by talents with a strong expertise and a long experience, whose ambition is to put people at the core.

The artistic direction of the brand is entrusted to Malo le Bot (Vacheron Constantin, Baume & Mercier).

The brand has also set up a virtuous ecosystem made up of former executives of the Richemont group, including Alexandre Peraldi (Cartier, Baume & Mercier) as artistic advisor and Emmanuel de la Brosse (Richemont, IP Board) who will advise the brand on intellectual property matters.

Pierre Guerrier said: « We dreamed of giving birth to a brand in complete freedom that starts from the right starting point: Man. We started with the essential: history. Not a marketing construction but a real, authentic story. Our mission is only to reveal it, to embody it by transposing it into the present. Putting people and history at the center stage also leads us to do business differently by not evading the brand’s social responsibility or by using it in an opportunistic way ».

So, People and Passion are at the center of this new brand and we are now waiting to see more.

Jonathan Kopp

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