The Patina Project With Regia Timepieces Episode III

Not yet happy with the patina on my bronze Regia Skull Dial, and with Halloween approaching fast, I took matters into my own hands. It kind of sounds like a recipe, yet involving a watch. You boil an egg and put it in a zip-lock bag together with your watch. You can crush the egg for extra effect, but I decided to keep mine whole. Do remove the strap, because we are looking for patina, not a stained and smelly strap. Unless you like this for an extra Halloween effect of course.


The patina that formed over the next 48 hours was modest but noticeable. This was exactly what I was hoping for. It gives the watch a weathered look, but not like we just got it out of the Titanic. The side of the watch that was closest to the egg was showing clearly more patina than the side that wasn’t.

Regia Skull Patina

The beauty of the patina is not only that it is unique to this watch, but also that it gives the watch more depth. The case now has much more color nuances in it, especially when you compare it to when the watch was still relatively clean and free of patina.


The buckle also came out nicely, with a very even color change. This also gave it much more contrast against the lighter color of the strap.


Perhaps my favorite part is the back, where you can see the contrast between the brass case and the ion plated stainless steel case back. When I just got the watch, it seemed like the same material, with only a different finish. Through the glass back you can, by the way, admire the automatic Seiko NH35 movement.


The crown also showed quite some discoloration, with a very weathered look. This is perfect for Halloween, although I might experiment after the holiday to see if we can even get more extreme patina on the case.

For more information of the Regia Skull Dial, click here


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