Moonphase And Manufacture: Frederique Constant’s Latest

Yes, the only new thing on the Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture is the dial. So why do we still feature it on Wathisthis?! Because it is the perfect example of how important such details are, and the impact that they have on the overall look. Yes it can even change the experience you have with a watch!

Frederique_Constant_2016_Slimlinline_Moonphase_Manufacture 4

Now, the Frederique Constant Moonphase Manufacture is already not a shabby watch to begin with. The word manufacture in its name already says it all. The automatic caliber that powers the watch, FC-705, is made completely in-house by Frederique Constant. At this price point, quite unique, especially since they didn’t stop there. The FC-705 is cleverly designed and features for example a full bridge over the balance wheel for the best stability. Also the decorations are top-notch with blued screws, perlage, Geneva stripes, and a skeletonized, gold-plated oscillating weight, and of course you can all admire this through the display back.


The Moonphase Manufacture is called slimline because the overall height is 11.3mm, which is comfortably slim and will ensure that the watch fits under most cuffs. It is also fitted with a Convex sapphire, which truly compliments the look of the Moonphase Manufacture. But despite the traditional design elements, the watch looked surprisingly contemporary. That is indeed a very good thing, but with all these high-quality ingredients you might also want to cook up a true classic, one with a taste of times long gone.

Frederique_Constant_2016_Slimlinline_Moonphase_Manufacture 2

And that is exactly what the new ivory dial with Sunray decorations does. It makes the Moonphase Manufacture a bit less contemporary and a bit more classic. Frederique Constant placed the dial in the steel case, and fitted it with steel indices. This creates a more vintage contrast which suits the watch very well. In fact it is actually surprising that just changing the color of the dial can do so much to how you experience a watch, but it also proofs that all details matter!

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