Mojoptix; a digital sundial for free?

Clever design can make a simple object turn into true magic. That is what Mojoptix did with his design for a sundial. By calculating exactly at what time the sun would hit the sundial under which angle, Mojoptix created pure magic! His design displays the time in a digital format from 10.00 until 16.00 hours in 20 minute increments. Especially when you look at the time lapse below you see the sheer genius of his design.

The concept is actually half a tube with holes in them at a specific angle. They catch the rays of the sun as earth is circling around it and display the time on the area below it. A holder allows you to set the angle of the sundial. This holder can be screwed on a jar filled with any kind of material that can serve as a counterweight to keep the sundial stable.


Perhaps the best part of it all is that Mojoptic generously shares how to create this sundial yourself. Still quite a challenge but he has an entertaining and clear way of explaining things, making it not too difficult to follow.

One small catch; you do need a 3D printer to make this. But if you ever needed an excuse to get one, now you have it! Normally Mojoptix would also sell them ready made through his Etsy store, but he had to temporarily suspend the sales of them, since he has three months of back orders. Yes, you really need a 3D printer now, and it will be educational for the kids as well!

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