MEW Hydroforce X1: A Nautical Beast

There is not a shortage for divers watches in today’s market. They are the favorite watches of many collectors, even those that hate to get wet. In fact, the market for divers watches is so large, that it even allows for very specific niches within the theme. The MEW Hydroforce X1 is not only a beast of a watch but also filling in one of those niches.


What niche that is? The one for people who enjoy a unique divers watch, that might not be recognized by random people on the street, but that is crafted with care in very limited quantities. Those people will be very pleased with what the Hydroforce X1 has to offer. Apart from its cool name of course, which for some reason made me think of the 1998 movie « Sphere », starring Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, and Samual L Jackson.


Actually, the Hydroforce X1 could have very well been the watch of choice for the scientist to go deep into the ocean to explore the anomaly. The watch itself is built upon a baseplate that contains the lugs, and it literally bolted to the rest of the case with 6 stainless steel bolts. This clever design makes it that the Hydroforce X1 feels very stable, and is always securely placed on the wrist. It also makes it look much thicker than it actually is because with a thickness of 12.2mm it is 1.8mm thinner than for example an Omega Seamaster Professional.


The case of the Hydroforce X1 is actually partially handcrafted, and the whole watch has a no-nonsense look to it. The design looks purpose driven, but with a sense of beauty most well-designed tools come with. To me the most amazing part is that this watch also comes with a tool price: US$495,- on a NATO-strap.

For that amount of money, you will get the Hydroforce X1, powered by a modified Miyota 8215, and of course fitted with a sapphire crystal. But you are also getting an intriguing independent double gasket system. No, the Hydroforce X1 is not rated water resistant to insane debts, but will get you securely to 200 meters, if you ever get so far. Perhaps that is even the best quality of this watch: it does not pretend to be anything it is not.

More information on the MEW Hydroforce X1 can be found here

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