Maurice Lacroix Aikon: On the Road Back?

In 2013 and after 13 years of success the Swiss brand decided to stop the production of the Calypso which was their most iconic timepiece. Today, it’s time to launch something that could be as popular as this model, and what’s better than to take the inspiration from what had worked before: Meet the Aikon, hopefully Maurcie Lacroix newest (a)ikon-ic timepiece.

Maurice Lacroix

The new Aikon collection consists of 3 models: Chronograph (44mm), Gents (42mm) and Ladies (35mm). Each of the three models shares a common identity with some design elements taken from the Calypso collection, that have made this one a classic timepiece since 1990.

Even if the Pontos is Maurice Lacroix’s flagship product in terms of mechanical watches, this new Aikon might take on this role for the quartz watches. Obviously the design is as easily recognizable as it was of its predecessor, the Calypso. The Aikon has a more contemporary design even if it keeps the essence of what makes the Calypso such a success all these years.

Maurice Lacroix

The case and bracelet of the gents’ Aikon models incorporate assertive, sharp, strong lines, while the ladies’ Aikon models feature smoother, gentler, curving details. Clearly, both male and female models share a strong likeness to each other.

The round case of this new watch features a prominent bezel, incorporating six “claws” which embrace its form and that’s what gives to this timepiece its unique identity and also its sense of strength and robustness.

However, through its design expertise, Maurice Lacroix has refined the small details of the timepieces created for both genders. Given the amount of different models in the whole collection, you’ll probably find one that will fit your style and personality.


My favorite is the Chronograph, and to be more precise, the Chronograph with sun-brushed silver dial on which we can find rhodium indexes and black printings all over the dial and subdials. This one comes with calf leather strap with alligator pattern and a little polished Maurice Lacroix logo applied on it. A watch like this can really become a comfortable companion to wear on a daily basis, since it goes along with pretty much everything, no matter if you are wearing a suit for a reception, or simply in jeans & t-shirt. And that quality might make the Aikon relive the success of the Calypso.

For information on the Aikon can be found here



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