The Laidback Freelancer: Command Your Own Time

There is an ironic tension in the name of the Laidback Freelancer. Usually being a freelancer doesn’t mean a very laidback lifestyle. What it does mean, is that you are in control, and do what you feel most passionate about. For those people Laidback made the Freelancer.

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The Freelancer is a love it, hate it design, there is no other way to put it! It stands out and that is a good thing, because there are already too many generic offerings in the market place! The most eye-catching aspect is the wooden dial of the Freelancer. It is your choice of either light Bamboo, or the rich color of Sandalwood. On top of this dial is a frame of roman numerals. Both dials are « framed » by a suitable case, brushed 316L Stainless steel for the Bamboo, and gun-metal PVD covering the same case for the Sandalwood dial. This all sounds pretty straight forward, but there is a twist.

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Between 10 and 12 o’clock, part of the dial becomes all business. Stark Arabic numerals on a black background. It is a schizophrenic contrast with the rest of the watch, but it works. It elevates the watch from just another watch with a wooden dial, to something much more tantalizing, like somebody just added a nice aged rum to your fruit punch.

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This black part of the dial is also where you can see the complication of this watch; a power reserve indicator. Personally I always find this one of the most charming, small complications. Although more useful on a manual wind with, it continues to be intriguing to see the power reserve meter moving forward during the day. Sometimes I even think that just seeing this gets my spirits up, while the day winds down.

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At the back of the 42mm case, you can see the Miyota automatic caliber 9130. As always a workhorse movement, reliable, dependable, and a sensible choice for a watch like the Freelancer. It also comes with a date-function, and quite frankly I could have done without. However, since this watch is meant to be worn by free-spirited freelancers, a date is of course mandatory. Doing what you love, usually still comes with appointments. The Laidback Freelancer really fits nicely into this niche, but more importantly, it is a watch that stands out of the crowd in exactly the same way as a freelancer should, 10/12th creativity and free-spirited and 2/12th all business. Talking about business, Laidback offers the first 300 Freelancers as early bird for $395,-, making it competitively priced, another freelancers hallmark.

More information on the Laidback Freelancer can be found here of on Kickstarter

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