Just letters – QLOCKTWO W by Biegert and Funk

The “no hands” watches are not a novelty today: from the simple and now classical digital Casio watches to extremely complicated mechanical watches which display numbers using mechanical solutions, the watches with no hands have always been on the wrist of people searching for something original or for people that just don’t like the classical hands watches.

The watches from Biegert & Funk are not new on the market and display the time in an original mode using letters and showing the time in 5 minutes increments. In 2012, Biegert & Funk released the Qlocktwo W (the wrist version of the wall and desk clock) in a 35mm square version. This was expected and well received by the fans of the brand.

The watches with a dimension of 35 by 35 mm and with a height of 9 mm give an interesting appearance on the wrist making of course everyone curious about this watch with no hands and no screen. The case is manufactured from brushed, polished or black DLC coated stainless steel with a watch face available in black, white, rhodium-plated, PVD rosé gold-coated or gold-plated stainless steel with a crystal on top.

There is also a premium version, the Qlocktwo Golden Words with the case and the dial in gold PVD plating and accompanied by a Milanese strap with the same top plating.

The watch appearance is spectacular and the good impression is increased by the Qlocktwo engraved button on the side. The water resistance was tested for 50m or 5atm with the mention that it was not designed for showering, swimming or diving, pressing the button when watch is wet is not recommended.

To read the time you need to push the button to light up a grid of 10 x 11 grid letters or 110 precise cut characters in total, using an innovative long life LED matrix. The letters are used to display time in five minutes increment. Ok, what about the minutes in between? That is simple: a line of 4 dots at the bottom of the watch face are used to indicate the 1 to 4 or 6 to 9 minutes. If you are interested in the seconds you need to push again the only button available and the seconds are indicated using the letters as pixels – this is quite interesting.

Another cool function of this watch is the perpetual calendar with leap year. If you ask how this is possible, you need to know that you set the date and the year, when you start the setup of your watch.

The price of this watch starts at 850 USD, depending on the watch case finishes or strap used: 24mm wide rubber, leather or metal strap. All watches are available in seven languages: German, Dutch, English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Italian.

At BaselWorld2017, we found out that the Qlocktwo watch will be available in September in a 39x39mm version with brushed stainless steel case or black DLC case and a matched Milanese strap.

For those who want to test this type of display or just have fun, there is smartphone app available for Android and iOS.

Please visit Qlocktwo Website for more information.

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