Fromanteel – Pendulum Special Dark Edition

Some months ago the Dutch brand Fromanteel launched their first mechanical wriswatch under the name of Pendulum. Its name is a direct reference to the pendulum clock made by the Fromanteel clockmakers family in the 1660s. The pendulum became known as the world’s most innovative and precise clock – an amazing manifestation of the craftsmanship of that time.

The Dutch team make a vivid connection with the Fromanteel history, and we can see that everything from the past has its influence on the present of the brand. For sure Ahasuerus Fromanteel would be really glad to see what Afredo Silva and his team have made of his brand and name today.

So now they are proud to present a second version of the Pendulum – The Special Dark (We wrote about the first version on the Summer 2016 issue of the magazine. You’ll also find an interesting interview of Alfredo Silva – CEO of the brand – Just click HERE to read it on pages 44-51).

At first sight the watch looks really classic, because of its round stainless steel case measuring 42mm and the purity of its black dial. But when we zoom in just a bit further, we are quite astonished of all little details which we did not see before.

The elegance and refinement of this piece is expressed in the dial which is made of « Clous de Paris » pattern – a geometric array of tiny pyramids that give the dial a unique texture – and adorned with gold plated hands and indexes. The contrast between the gold touches, the deep dark of the dial and the stainless steel case make a perfect harmony. Indeed, thanks to these various colors it is really easy to admire the long seconds hand and the leaf shaped hour and minute hands.

The crown and the inside of the bracelet feature a bright yellow touch which is a distinctive mark of Fromanteel.

Actually that’s quite invisible but for its owner that means he is not just wearing any watch, but he is wearing a Fromanteel.

Very well thought out with an overall height of just 9,95mm, the Pendulum will discreetly goes under your sleeve and will help brighten your style.

The Generations Pendulum hides another secret. Indeed, it is equipped with the self-winding mechanical movement ETA 2824-2 which is known as one the best movement in terms of value/quality. The watch is wound by the movement of the wearer’s wrist or by winding the crown manually. Thanks the sapphire crystal on the back we have the chance to see the well decorated gold platted rotor on which the Fromanteel’s logo is engraved.
This movement has a power reserve of around 38 hours, and offers the hours, minutes and seconds indication, and also a date-function.

Sure the market for affordable watches is quite crowded so I believe that when we choose a watch we are looking for something that will distinguish ourselves from the masses. We always look for a quality piece, which is good looking and has an affordable price.

Thanks to their extensive eye-to-details the Fromanteel team offers here a watch with a timeless design, making it very stylish and something to be enjoyed everytime and with any kind of clothes.

The latest addition to the Generations Pendulum Series -the Pendulum Special Dark Edition -embodies both the elegance and the power of an automatic watch… And the whole for only 1190€.

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