Morimoto Edge: Different Design That Works

A lot of microbrand watches out there offer great products at competitive prices but are usually a variety on a familiar theme. Chronographs and diver watches seem to be the most popular, but also « design watches » hold quite a bit of the market. The vast majority (read about all of them) are minimalist designs, and that is why Edge is so exciting!

When I first saw it, it reminded me of the golden age of creative watch design. In the 1950’s and 1960’s mainly the American watch companies created the most amazing designs, of which the Hamilton Ventura is perhaps the most famous. These designs were often asymmetrical, and so is the Edge. This watch is not an homage to the past. The hands and numerals are prominently placed on the split-level dial and give the watch a distinctly modern look. They also make it very easy to read time.

The half moon shape of the case works surprisingly well. Morimoto says that it is a great design to avoid having the crown dig into your wrist. Especially with the recessed crown, it is indeed, but there is much more to it. By cutting an edge in the mineral crystal, even the straight side of the design gets an extra dimension. The same goes for the strap. The diamond stitching is a subtle detail, yet really bring the looks of this watch to a higher level. The only thing that disrupts this perfect design is the brand’s logo. The winged M might be okay for the back of the watch, but I would have rather seen the front without it, and just have written « edge » on the dial.

Some might be disappointed that this watch is powered by a quartz movement, but since you can still get this watch for US$70,- what is to be expected? Morimoto opted for a Miyota quartz caliber, which is reliable and precise. This is a watch that you buy for its design anyway, and of that you get plenty! All combined is the Morimoto Edge a pleasantly priced, and creative watch, that pushes affordable watch design into a new dimension.

For more information on the Morimoto Edge visit Kickstarter

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