Defakto nominee for German Design Award!

Defakto has been nominated for the prestigious German Design Award 2016. This can not come as a complete surprise because with their « less-is-more »-design philosophy this was bound to happen. The nominee is the Akkord Modular Bronze, a watch that combines a black pvd coated bezel, with a bronze center part of the case. This contrast of colors is amazing by itself, and it makes you wonder why other manufacturers have not thought flocked to take over the idea.

DefaktoThe dial of the Akkord Modular Bronze is elementary, my dear Watson. However as straight forward as it seems, it’s the hands that makes all the difference. They offer a playful element, that makes all the difference! We, at Watchisthis?!, congratulate Defakto on being nominated and will keep our fingers crossed so that they will actually win! Break a leg!

For more information about the Defakto Akkord Modular Bronze, please visit Defakto Uhren

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