Dare to be different! Junghans Spektrum Automatic

When shopping for a watch, many of us will go for the classics. This could actually be a Max Bill from Junghans, but when you dare to be different, and in the market for something more sporty you might want to check out the Junghans Spectrum automatic.

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The Spektrum automatic is honestly one of those watches that tics all the boxes. With a diameter of 42mm it is a substantial watch, exactly what most people are looking for. Legibility is high, with bold numerals, a slope ring around the dial with minute marks, and hands that really stand out. The use of enviromently friendly luminous paste also ensures great visibility at night.

Junghans Spektrum_Automatic_027_1502_00_BeautyLuxury is in the details; so Junghans uses a date ring which features a white date on a black background, and when you go for the version with the orange seconds hand, the hour markers that are not Arabic numerals, also have an orange details. You can match this up with an orange strap, when you feel funky, but also a more subdued black version is available.

Junghans Spektrum_Automatic_027_1500_44

Both work nicely with the case, which is crafted from brushed stainless steel combined with a black ceramic bezel. When opting for the bracelet, the inner links are black ceramics as well. Giving its sporty nature is the case safely tucked between two robust crown guards.


With Geneva striping, blued screws and an interesting composition of bridges and gears, caliber J830 that powers the Spektrum automatic is very pleasing to the eye. It has a power reserve of 50 hours and runs at 28.800 bph. The movement alone would be a reason to buys this watch, especially when you take into consideration its price; the strap versions costs US$1.419,- and the bracelet version US$1.529,- which is a competitive price for a lot of watch.


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