Aurochronos – Microbrands Festival in Poland

We are thrilled to present to you an interesting and still quite an “exotic idea” of a festival that promotes micro brands and independent watch producers.

The International Festival of Independent Watch Manufacturers Aurochronos originated in Poland, a country in the central part of Europe. In our opinion this one has a good chance to fill a niche which really need exposure. It’s a good initiative to promote uncommon and less-known watch brands.

The event will take place from September 30th to October 1st, 2017 in Łódź, Poland, at the modern venue of Expo-Łódź; the largest exhibition center situated in the heart of the city.

We believe that this will be a fantastic and unique experience with a chance to meet a wide group of independent watch manufacturers both from Poland and from abroad and unite the industry. It will also be a genuine opportunity to increase brands and creators visibility on the market, boost sales and build new sales channels… Because yes; Poland is not the first country that you will think of, but there is a market for microbrands.

Additionally, in partnership with sponsors and a jury of professionals, three watches which premiered in 2017 are going to be elected and the winners will be given the Aurochronos Awards during the Festival Gala. If there’s no problem until then (we never know), Watchisthis will be there as a sponsor and member of the jury.

In the case that potential exhibitors have special requirements that should be addressed or additional questions that require answering, please feel free to contact the Aurochronos Festival team at : or visit their website for more details.

Please feel assured that the organizers will do their best to meet the individual needs of exhibitors and create an unforgettable Festival for the visitors.

3 thoughts on “Aurochronos – Microbrands Festival in Poland

  • Patrick

    Is there anyway to see what brands will be participating? The site also mentions ticket sales starting in July but I can’t find anywhere to purchase them. Lastly, do you think someone who only speaks English will have an issue communicating with the vendors at this exhibit?

    Thank you!

    • Jonathan Kopp

      Hi Patrick,
      please check the answer of Aurochronos Festival 😉
      If you need more, we are here to help you.
      Best of life,

  • Thanks for the questions Patrick.
    The list of all brands is still unavailable to the general public. We’re going to reveal them gradually on our FB and share it on our website too. Sorry for the mix-up with the ticket sales. We have a bit of a delay in this matter. We should take care of it shortly. Finally, don’t worry. When it comes to communication, most vendors should speak English at a communicative level and if not, the Aurochronos Festival Team will be there to assist you.
    Hope to see you soon in Łódź!

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