Affordable at Auction: Longines La Grande Classique

La Grande Classique, has there every been a more promising name? The great thing is that this Longines even lives up to its name. Although the majority of them are round, the brand also made a charming tonneau version, and Fellows is auctioning one off that comes complete with the original bracelet which features very fine links.

According to the description, the watch is just over nine years old yet still good looking. This might be because it wasn’t worn so often, but also remember that these watches were made very well, because Longines still is an insider secret for people who want a very well made watch, for a fair price. The La Grande Classique has a unique lug construction, in which they come from underneath the case and basically hold the strap or bracelet almost invisible. This is difficult to see now, but especially with a strap, this gives the watch a very chic and unique look. Of course, the very clean dial helps with this. It is a bit of a minimalist design, but Longines made it just right, and more so, timeless! It is one of those watches that will probably never go out of style, or will be out of place.

No, this watch doesn’t feature a mechanical movement. This might disappoint some, but in return, you are getting a very flat case and with only two hands, no jumping seconds hand that reminds you of this. With an estimate of 70 – 100 Pound Sterling, I do consider this watch to be undervalued. Yes, classical watches, especially fully gold-plated, are not en vogue anymore, but when you replace the bracelet for a beautiful strap you do have a timeless watch (and you can always use the bracelet when you feel like acting out!)

This Longines La Grande Classique is lot No. 98 in the upcoming, January 31st auction of Fellows





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