Wryst – the affordable luxury sports watches

Today I wanted to talk about this really nice brand. WRYST was founded by luxury watch designer Jacques Fournier in 2012 with a vision to create exceptional sports watches featuring leading-edge designs, brutal style, and unique resistant materials

Jacques is knowed in the luxury industry thanks to his work for Jacob&Co. Indeed, with his unique and distinctive style, in 2011 Jacques created and developed the entire five timezone G5 collection including the Grand, Global and digital Ghost series for them.

Well, let’s come back on Wryst timepieces; In 2012 and after three years of extensive research and development to perfect the design and others details, Jacques launched the Wryst Airborne chronograph. At that time, and remember that we are in 2012, this first collection was like an UFO. A crazy design that for sure you’ll not see everyday. Since then, the brand has been expanding its range of luxury sports watches by introducing new and refined timepieces. All references adhere to the founding principles of the original design concept and are all only in small series.

Going further on the collections themselves we can be astonished by 3 things : The design, the materials used and the rubber strap.

The flagship WRYST watch models incorporate two major cutting edge design features. First one is the curved and barrel-shaped watch case featuring open-worked sides that also protects for crown and pushers from accidental operations and damages. The ergonomically designed case also provides comfortable wearing despite its bold dimensions… Yes it’s 50mm ! Another world premiere feature is the bi-color double injection silicone bracelet ; but of course you can also choose to wear the alligator leather strap that will come with it.

These extreme luxury sports watches powered with high precision Swiss Sellita SW-200 engines incorporate highly reliable materials such as 516L grade stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and black DLC coating. The superior quality 516L grade stainless steel used for the first time in the industry makes the watch more sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

Note that you will find the automatic movement in the Racing collection while in the Force collection there is a Swiss chrono quartz movement (Ronda 3540D).

The WRYST Force Swiss Chronograph watch typically features a three-counter dial design. The dial display central hour and minute hands, center stops second hand, chronograph 10-hour counter at 12’o clock, small seconds dial at 6’o clock, chronograph 30-minutes counter at 9’o clock, and a date window at 3’o clock. The watch face also features inscriptions like the brand name, official logo, and model number.

I personnaly really like the Blue Wryst Force SX300 watch with black and blue leather bracelet. I think that the blue case makes this watch special. It’s really hard to find blue case on the market and with this one you also have a sporty design… It’s indeed a statement watch. An eye-pleasing dial powerfully contrasts the vibrancy of the blue IP case with touches of grey, black, and white colors. Both the shiny hour and minute hands are embossed with white luminova. The hour marker indices are also embedded with white luminova, and the black minute track around the dial features white details. The second hand and the three sub-dial hands are also in a plain shiny finish. All the three sub-dials are carefully finished with a clever combination of grey and white colors.

Price is about 869 € which is not so high when you see all the tech details of this piece, and don’t forget that all variant are limited to 75 pieces and that each watch has its own number engraved on the caseback.

About the Racer collection I have to say that my favorite is the SX2 with its beautiful rose gold case. I think that the whole combination with luxurious case, brown alligator strap and all the details of the dial makes it really really nice.

The gentle radiance of rose gold finished 516L steel case partly offsets the aggressive look of the Racer SX2 Automatic watch. Its crown, strap attachments, and case-back, however, maintain a shiny stainless steel finish.

The brown alligator bracelet with grey edges and grey-black dual-stitching perfectly complements the dominant rose gold color theme of this luxury automatic watch.

The luminous hour-marker indices on the black outer dial, the details on the silver inner dial structure, and the center seconds hand highlight a radiant rose gold color that perfectly suits the case. The middle layer featuring a distinct guilloche pattern on its surface maintains a grey-matte finishing.

Concerning the dial itself, here are some nice details about the inspiration behind it. Jacques find apparent that all aspects of the layered automatic watch dial have to be en-par with motorsports. The hour hand resembles a notched wheel. It looks like the dented wheels running the automatic Swiss movement Sellita SW-200, and the ones found in mechanical engine gearboxes. The three openings on the left and right sides of the face are a tribute to six cylinders V6 engines.

You can notice small artworks below « Wryst » and above « Automatic » on the dial. These drawings are not the « tribal tattoo decor » but in fact they represent flames that can feature on custom drag racing cars.

Price of this one is about 1600 € but don’t forget that you have a Swiss automatic movement with 38h of power reserve in it.

Well, it’s sure that you will not see a Wryst on every wrist… Fierce, robust, and accurate, the Wryst timepieces are perfect companions for adventurers, athletes, extreme sports, motor racing enthusiasts, and all those who love to wear luxury sports watches with totally different design.

Honestly, there is nothing like the unique curves and shapes of the Wryst timepieces in the watchmaking industry… and thanks to this, a Wryst watch is different than any other wristwatch.

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