Décantheure, the Wine Watch: A Grand Cru?

Now that creating your own watch is easier than ever, a lot of people take the jump. Although this has resulted in quite some creative watches, the majority of them still follow the classic suit of being a diver or a pilots watch. Soren Jensen however, seized the opportunity to create Décantheure, a watch for wine-lovers.

So how do you make a watch for wine-lovers? Décantheure took a super-compressor case, a design that is typically used for diving watches yet fitted it with a different type of bezel. This one does not show the elapsed diving time, but how long your wine still needs to decant before you can drink it. Quite a novel use, and quite frankly something that most people will use before measuring the elapsed diving time, since most of these watches will be desk divers anyway. They found room to place the 23 most common wines since each type of wine has its own optimum decanter time.

When people make such a novel watch, they generally opt for a quartz movement. However, people that enjoy a fine wine, perfectly decanted, will also appreciate a fine watch. That is why the Décantheure is actually fitted with an automatic movement by Seiko. A solid choice that can be admired at the back of the watch through a bottle green colored mineral crystal. That is not the only reference to the world of fine wine because also the second-hand features a corkscrew shaped point. Fortunately, they also know when to stop with these references, avoiding that the watch would become whimsical.

With a diameter of 40mm, the watch is quite discreet, yet still large enough to tell the time and read the decanter bezel. The clear design also helps with this. You can currently still get a Décantheure for US$ 169,- which is very competitive given the movement, and the fact that this is indeed a unique watch with a unique complication. I wonder how Robert Parker would score this one!

More information about the Décantheure can be found on Indiegogo

One thought on “Décantheure, the Wine Watch: A Grand Cru?

  • Leroy

    I don’t wear a watch every day now that I have moved to the retired status. But when the day requires a watch,it’s nice to have one that works for the far sighted.

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