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Jubileon is back with the Superellipse Chrono

In september 2017 Jubileon launched their first Kickstarter campaign with the really cool Superellipse. This piece was really classic but with a nice design. You can find it HERE . Now the independent brand from Singapore is back with an evolution of their first watch. This one, that they just launched on Kickstarter (5 April), is a pretty cool chrono. To be honest I’m quite astonished by the level of quality of this piece. Not just by the design, which is really strong, but also by the whole… Including the movement. Because Yes, powering the Superellipse Chrono is the well known ETA 7750 Valjoux movement. You can find this movement in almost every chrono in the market, but rarely at the price of 799$. Well thanks to Kickstarter you will…
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Kickstarter – The Jubileon Superellipse

So now this is your last chance to get this pretty cool automatic watch. Indeed, the Kickstarter campaign of Jubileon will end on the 8th September. For the moment, they have not reached their goal ... Well, no matter, they will be able to try again later and I am convinced that it will be a success. Honestly I don’t really understand why this campaign is not a big success right now... Because the watch is affordable, it has good specs and more than this, it has contemporary and classic design suitable for everyday use. I had the chance to try one and seriously the piece is really cool and it fits perfectly any wrist thanks to it size of 41 mm wide and 11.9 mm thick. The case is…
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Jubileon Superellipse: Not Only Mathematical Correct

What is it with Singapore and watches? Just like The Netherlands is it a small dot on the world map that produces a disproportional amount of great watches. At Watchisthis?! we are for instance a fan of Regia, which comes from Singapore, just as Jubileon. Jubileon's first model is called the Superellipse, which is a term used in mathematics. They used superellipse to mathematically represent the cushion shape of the case. I must say that this intellectual approach is quite refreshing, especially when it results in a great design as the Superellipse. Actually when I first saw the watch, I thought "that is a great aviation watch!". The tonneau case gives the watch a slight vintage touch, although its thickness and the screws indicate that it is purpose build, like…
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The WOW effect of the Kaal Multiverse

These last days I had the chance to try the Kaal Multiverse and honestly it’s a stunner. If you want a conversation piece at reasonable price, then this one is for you. You can find the different variations of the Multiverse collection on their website at the Super Early Bird price of 380$ (then it will be retail at $699). It’s honestly a good deal compared what you already have on the market… I talk of course of « special design pieces » only. Each of the three watches presented on the Kickstarter camapign are representative of one of the three main aspects of our solar system: the Earth, its Moon and our Sun (or better named Earth for Gaea, Sun for Sol, and Moon for Artemis).  Alvin Lew, co-owner of the brand,…
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